"The 5 most commonly

asked questions about free will."

Q&A Hosted by  Scott Christensen

 Author of What about Free Will?

Why it’s important to study and reconcile God’s Sovereignty and free will (Even if we’ll never FULLY understand).

Can our choices change God’s mind or the future?

What are God’s Sovereignty and free will such contentious issues? 

What exactly is free will and how do Christians define it?

If God determines our choices, then how can we still be held responsible?

What You'll Learn in this Series

Free Will Video Q&A

Scott Christensen

Scott worked for six years at the award-winning CCY Architects in Aspen, Colorado: several of his home designs were featured in Architectural Digest magazine. 

Called out of this work to the ministry, he graduated with honors from seminary and now pastors Summit Lake Community Church in Mancos, Colorado.